Agape Love~

I want to  first of all say a BIG “Thank You” to Lysa and the P31 Team for the great gifts of Agape Love they show each day by putting their heart and soul into all that they do.

CONGRATS to the winners of the “She Speaks” Scholarships that they were able to give out to 4 very talented and worthy Sister’s in Christ.  I know it had to be a hard choice to make for the team and I praise them for the strength to be able to pray, listen and let God call those that are called to be at this meet.

I have to say that I was so excited to get to my computer this morning not really thinking that I won, but excited to see who did!! Lysa, You and the P31 Team are awesome!! Thank you and the one’s that give the scholarships.  This is such a great way to serve our Lord and those that are being called to learn to spread their stories, love and to serve Him.

God has a plan and when the time is right, well that is when each of us will attend. We have to Trust and Obey…   I am going to read the blogs that won and I pray for these ladies to be able to grow in ways that only God can nourish them and that the Holy Spirit will fill their hearts.

We are all called to live God’s plan as he has intended for us to when he we are called according to his will.   That is what is so wonderful and at the same time hard for our human nature about this life we live now, we have to Trust and Obey, and it is new each day…

Congrats again to the winners of the “She Speaks” Scholarships!!!!     A big thank you also to Kimberly Dawn for the beautiful photo I posted today!








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