“Grief and the unseen scars”

I know-I know… It’s been a long time since I have been to my blog and written!  I have told myself I am gonna make more time to follow up on this act!  Hopefully I can hold to that, lol

Well, for a week now I have let the scars show that are usually hidden. As a grieving Mother we have to take the mask off at times and just let it all out. We keep in so much love, memories, questions, loneliness and the know that GRIEF is forever! My daughter was born on Tues., Aug. 2, 1988 and now she is forever 19. On Tues., Aug 7, 2007 she was found in a pool at a home, after being left there in the water for over 12hrs.  April was a swimmer since she was 2, oh how she loved the water. We took are kids to the lake on weekends boating and tubing. I have so many questions on how she could have drowned with 3 other people there that say they thought she left….even though her car, purse, phone and keys were still there?? Make sine to you-not to me. Even after a trial we have young people that just say “I don’t know” and that is all I have. Except their is a Judge named God and one day they will answer to Him and He knows…

I have turned this over to God. But during this time of year I am still human and my emotions of grief take over which is natural even being a child of God.  He lent me a beautiful daughter to be a Mom to for 19yrs. I am so Blessed to have been able to do that and have that love that will never go away. I have the Hope God promises me of Eternity in Heaven and that is when all the Grief Scars will be gone. These are scars not seen by others. Only the Bereaved Parent knows of these scars that run so deep and wide. To rid of theses scars will be a Blessed Day~

Heavenly Father-Thank you Jesus for loving me and giving Grace that I can share from your love for me. Jesus give me strength to be able to study your word with others as a Christian and to continue to grow. To fellowship with others to share your All Mighty Name.  Through your words we speak with those that don’t know you name. I pray that you use me for this purpose and others will come to except you as their Father, Jesus Christ into their hearts. I think you my sweet Jesus for all you give to us. I am a blessed daughter of the King…In Jesus name I pray~

To be shown God’s love and also to show God’s love is an Awesome feeling!!  When you look at the picture with the hands of women that are broken and hurting but have come together to share and show the love that God has shown to each of them.  To lean upon one another as we lean upon God, is a feeling like no other!   

Prayer…changes everything!  Reach out and open your heart to God and to others.  God knows and hears every word that comes from us.  Pray throughout each day, start with prayer and end your day with prayer.  Let God show you His #perfect love!

“My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord.  My heart and my flesh cry out for the Living God”~  Psalm 84:2


Cindy M~

Grieving Mother's come together to show their love~

Grieving Mother’s come together to show their love~

~Prayer Changes Everything~

~Prayer Changes Everything~


4 thoughts on ““Grief and the unseen scars”

  1. We belong to an exclusive club, we don’t want any new members. However, if someone becomes a member we will reach out and embrace them immediately.

    • Linda you are so right on this! It is a place we are and pray that no other has to be in this place. But there are many of us sharing in the loss of a child and God will carry us through~ Blessings, Cindy~

  2. 20 years ago today we lost our granddaughter when she drowned in a pool. She was 2 years, 4 months and 26 days old. Her mommy was only 15 when she got pregnant, so Christy was like our own child. Not a day goes by in all of these 20 years that I haven’t thought about her, missed her, or ached to hug her. I know some day I will see her again but for right now, it sure stinks. This past January my husband passed away. I know he is having a good time with her, and that helps with the grief.

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